Had above average results even back in his 2nd degree studies. He won the University chancellor price for excellent diploma thesis. He finished his PhD studies in 2010. He works at the position of research assistant at the department of molecular biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, where he manages genomic and bioinformatics laboratory. This laboratory besides research serves as core sequencing facility using 1st generation of sequencing technology. He participated on building of genomic subunit in a successful project called BITCET. He also focuses on teaching of various courses, including Computers in Biology, Bioinformatics, Advanced methods in molecular biology etc.

His long term focus on DNA sequencing methods has led him to focus on the recently emerged next generation sequencing technologies. His dominant research focus is on non invasive prenatal diagnostics.

Untill today (1. July, 2015) he is the author or co-author of 38 publications recorded in Pubmed database, which are cited 239-times and his h-index is 9.